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UFRAME - 5º Festival Internacional de Vídeo Universitário

25 a 27 de outubro de 2012. Local: Universidade Metodista de São Paulo - Brasil


In its 5th edition, the International Academic Video Festival – U.FRAME – seeks to stimulate university students’ production of original audiovisual works.

Wide participation of both national and international universities is expected.

For the success of the festival, all participants must abide by the following rules.

1. Organization

    1. The Organizing Committee of the Festival consists of  members from the University of Porto, Portugal; the University of Coruña, Spain;
      the University of Texas at Austin, the USA,  and the Methodist University of São Paulo, Brazil, with the collaboration of other professional from
      any other educational institution who might show interest in participating.


1.2. The Organizing Committee consists mostly of members from the host institution.

2. Venue and date
2.1. The 5th edition of U.FRAME will take at the Universidade Metodista de São Paulo, Rudge Ramos Campus, São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo, Brazil,
from October 25-27, 2012.

3. Categories
3.1. Official Competition:
>Jury First Prize, given to the best work in the official competition
> Best Documentary
> Best Fictional Film
> Best  Animation Film
> Best Experimental Film
> Best Mobile Devices Film

4. Prizes
Jury First Prize will be awarded for the best work of the Official Competition, regardless of category.

The best work within each category will also be awarded.

Works will be judged by an Official Jury, assigned by the festival’s promoting University.

Works will also be judged by a Popular Jury, consisting of visitors to the official exhibit.
Prizes awarded by the Official Jury, by category:

*The following amounts are subject to the euro, dollar and real rates of the day the payment is made on.
> Jury First Prize - $3,180.00 (€ 2,500.00)
> Best Documentary - $1,265.00 (€500.00)
> Best Fictional Film - $1,265.00 (€500.00)
> Best Animation Film - $1,265.00 (€500.00)
> Best Experimental Film - $1,265.00 (€500.00)

The Popular Jury will also judge all works within each category. In this case, winners will receive a certificate of achievement.

5. Admission Policy
5.1. Official competition:
a) Each candidate must submit only one film to the Official Competition.
b) Participants must be college students or graduates who have obtained their degree less than a year prior to the date of the Festival.
c) Every work must be original. Authors are responsible for all aspects of film production, authorship and any possible dispute.
d) The maximum length of films participating in the Official Competition is 25 minutes, except for the Mobile Devices category, whose maximum length
is 5 minutes.
e) Copies on Beta SP, miniDV, DVCAM, DVD Video (NTSC)*, Blu-Ray(NTSC) *,  ProRes, Quick Time or H264 files are accepted for pre-selection.
f) The selected works must be presented on DVCAM, DVD (NTSC) *, Blu-Ray(NTSC) * H264 or ProRes.
g) The films in the competition must be subtitled or dubbed in Portuguese, Spanish or English. Apart from the dubbed or subtitled copy, a “clean copy”,
on its original format, must also be submitted.
*Should anything occur, which makes it impossible for the film to be seen, the film will be automatically disqualified from the competition.

5.2. Disqualification of films:
a) Any registration not abiding by the rules established in this document will be disqualified.
b) Any film including scenes of violence or explicit sex, likely to shock the audience of the festival, will be disqualified from the competition.

6.1. Registration in the competition is free of charge.
6.2. Registration of entries is done directly through online entry form, to be sent along with the work on compressed file (.zip or .rar) and the following:
> 2 photos/photograms of the work in digital format
> Film synopsis in Portuguese, Spanish or English (maximum 800 characters)
> Brief presentation of the author
> Proof that the person entering the film is a student or recent graduate (declaration from the educational institution or copy of the student card, or any other
relevant document).
> Sample of the film, with maximum 2.5 minutes. For the Mobile Devices category, the maximum length is 30 seconds.
6.3. Selected works must be sent in hard copy, in one of the previously mentioned formats, with the entry form duly filled. Works must be sent with the proper
identification, including: name of the author, title and length of film. Entries must be sent to the following address:

Universidade Metodista de São Paulo
U.FRAME – Festival Internacional de Vídeo Universitário
C/O Roberta Viegas/Gabriel Rimi
Rua do Sacramento, 230 – Ed. Capa – Sala C-129 – Rudge Ramos
São Bernardo do Campo – São Paulo – Brasil
CEP: 09640-000

6.4. If the copy of entry fails to reach the correct address before the deadline, the work will be automatically disqualified from the competition. Works must
be sent within June 1 and July 30, 2012.
6.5. Parcels coming from abroad must contain the following label on the outside: “REMESSA PARA EXPOSIÇÃO, SEM FINS COMERCIAIS”.
6.6. The amount declared for customs must be zero dollars.

7. Selection
7.1. The list of selected works will be announced at  www.uframe.org, on August 28, 2012.
7.2. Works in exhibition formats other than the format of the copy sent for pre-selection must be provided by September 25, 2011 (postmark date).

8. Selection Criteria and Jury
8.1. All works submitted for the competition will be pre-selected by a jury assigned by the organizing committee. Jury members have full autonomy to
establish the selection criteria. Candidates who fail to meet any of the selection criteria will be automatically disqualified.
8.2. The Jury of the Festival will consist of at least 2 members of the organizing institutions and of 3 audiovisual renowned specialists. At the Jury’s discretion,
not all categories, nor special mentions may be awarded.
8.3. The Jury's decision is final and there is no appeal.

9. Publicity
9.1. The pre-selection and exhibition copies shall not be returned to authors. Copies will be stored at the Audiovisual Documentation Centre of the
organizing institution.
9.2. Participating films (properly identified) may later be exhibited by the U.FRAME Festival organizers, in non-commercial sessions, in schools or in cultural
events in the host country or abroad, for promotional use only,
9.3. All participating films (only 10% of the total length) may be exhibited in the media, for promotional use only.

10. Costs and liabilities
10.1. Mailing, hotel accommodations, meals and transportation shall be at each participant’s expenses.

10.2. Festival’s organizers shall not be liable for damages or loss of works during transportation.

11. General Conditions
11.1. Any other situation not covered by these regulations shall be decided by the Festival’s organizing committee without appeal.

11.2. Participation in the competition requires the full acceptance of these regulations.


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