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UFRAME - 5º Festival Internacional de Vídeo Universitário

25 a 27 de outubro de 2012. Local: Universidade Metodista de São Paulo - Brasil


U-FRAME is an international academic video festival in its fifth edition. Previous editions took place in Europe: three times in Portugal, and once in Spain.
During this festival, films produced by university students from different parts of world will be exhibited and evaluated by a highly qualified jury, with renowned
audiovisual professionals as members, and also by a popular jury.

U.FRAME is an international event aiming to promote the exchange of experiences among different universities worldwide.

Running concurrently with the competitive exhibit, there will be workshops, lectures and panels to discuss the current trends of audiovisual production and its
implications in university courses in the digital transition era.

This event seeks to stimulate audiovisual and multimedia students’ originality and creativity.

U.FRAME’s importance and outreach has grown continuously year after year. One of the works awarded with special mention by the jury has been nominated for
the Academy Award for best short film.

It is one of the most important European university-level festivals and its fifth edition will be organized by the Universidade Metodista de São Paulo, Brazil. .



>Jury First Prize, given to the best work in the official competition

This category will be evaluated by both the official jury and the popular jury. The winner of this category will be awarded R$ 6,000.00 (approximately U$ 3,076.00,
dollar rate of the day), which, at the winner’s discretion, can be converted into any other no-money prize. The winner will receive a certificate of achievement
and products from the festival’s sponsors.

> Best Documentary
> Best Fictional Film
> Best  Animation Film
> Best Experimental Film
>Best Mobile Devices Film

One of the largest institutions in the ABC Region, the Universidade Metodista de São Paulo, has three campuses Planalto, Rudge Ramos and Vergueiro,
all of them in the city of São Bernardo do Campo, in Greater São Paulo, Brazil. According to the Ministry of Education, it is ranked as the best university in the
region and as the third best university among private institutions in the State of São Paulo. Its Communication Graduate Course has been considered the best
among the courses in private universities for three years in a row (2009, 2010 and 2011), according to the “Melhores Universidades Guia do Estudante”, the
Brazilian students’ guide to best colleges.

The Universidade Metodista de São Paulo has more than 25,000 undergraduate students and more than 1,000 students in graduate specialization courses
and in Master’s and doctoral programs.

An education benchmark in the Brazilian educational community, it is recognized both nationally and internationally by quality services provided to society,
offering creative and innovative solutions.

Participating Institutions

- The University of Porto – Portugal’s largest university in numbers of students and facilities. It is among the 500 best universities of the world according
to the Academic Ranking of World Universities.

- The University of Coruña – established in Galicia with campuses in Coruña and Ferrol, its objective, as a public university, is to disseminate culture as well
as and scientific, technological and professional knowledge.

- The University of Texas at Austin – a state research university founded in 1883, is one of the largest and most respected universities in the USA.  It has the
fifth largest campus in the country, with more than 50,000 students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate courses, and also over 16,500 staff and faculty
members. The university is an important academic research center, with research expenditures exceeding $640 million for the 2009-2010 school-year.

Target public
The U.FRAME’s target public focuses on national and international young university students, especially those from the audiovisual area, accustomed to
consume innovative works with young and modern language.

This public is always interested in technological advances and novelties of their future working area and update themselves by means of websites, specific
social networking groups, newsletters and magazines.

The target public also includes professionals and the general public attracted to this theme.

Festival Directors
Rui Centeno – Universidade do Porto - (2008-2011)
José Juan Videla Rodríguez – Universidade da Coruña – (2010)
Paulo Rogério Tarsitano – Universidade Metodista de São Paulo – (2012)

Festival Curators
José Augusto Quartim de Blasiis – Universidade Metodista de São Paulo – (2012)
Marcelo Briseno M. de Melo – Universidade Metodista de São Paulo – (2012)

Organizing Committee

Universidade do Porto:
Rui Centeno (2008/2009)
Jorge Marinho (2008/2009)
José Azevedo (2008/2009)
Artur Pimenta Alves (2008/2009)
Alexandre Valle de Carvalho (2008/2009)
Joana Miranda (2010/2011)

Universidade da Coruña:
Antonio Sanjuán Pérez (2008-2011)
José Juan Videla Rodríguez (2008-2011)
Teresa Nozal Cantarero (2008-2011)

Universidade Metodista de São Paulo:
Paulo Rogério Tarsitano (2012)
José Augusto Quartim de Blasiis (2012)
Marcelo Briseno M. de Melo (2012)
Márcio Antonio Kowalski (2012)
Simone Denise Gardinali Navacinsk (2012)


José Alberto Pinto (2009)
Cristina Ferreira (2008/2009)
Francisco Vidinha (2008/2009(2010)
Joana Miranda (2008/2009)
Paulo Frias (2008/2009)
André Valentim Almeida (2008/2010)
Sara Costa (2010)
Teresa Piñeiro Otero (2010)
Ana González Neira (2010)
Carmen Costa Sánchez (2010)
Maria Victoria de León Sanjuán (2010)
Eva Gil Pons (2010)
Gabriel Sosnoski Rimi (2012)
Roberta Poliani Viegas (2012)
Lighia Cristina de Souza (2012)
Demetrius Daffara Ferreira (2012)
Giullia Ranieri Galvão (2012)
Marcelo Nazima Matisuhy (2012)
Nathalie Cotelessa Relvas Moura Jorge (2012)
Marcio Antonio Kowalski (2012)
Felipe Santos Filgueiras (2012)
Giulianna Martins Trivellato (2012)
José Luiz Olmos de Araújo (2012)
Guilherme Bravo Alvos (2012)
Rodolfo Bonventti (2012)
Margarete Vieira Pedro (2012)

Ana Sereno (2008)
Anabela Couto (2008)
María Martul Franco (2010)
Maria Montero Sueiro (2010)
Sara Costa (2009-2011)
Gabriel Sosnoski Rimi (2012)
Roberta Poliani Viegas (2012)
Marcelo Nazima Matisuhy (2012)
Jacqueline Meneguel Albino (2012)

Selection Board
Wilson Bonifácio Júnior
Eric Ribeiro Christiani
Joaquim Ghirotti
Walter Teixeira Lima Júnior
Leandro Alegre

Official Board
Augusto Canani
Marcos Ligocki
Rui Centeno
Jorge A. González
Sandra Martinez Costa

Contacts at the Universidade Metodista de  São Paulo

General e-mail address: 

Márcio Antonio Kowalski
+55 11 4366-5660

Gabriel Sosnoski Rimi
+55 11 4366-5980

Roberta Poliani Viegas
+55 11 4366-5980

News and media:
Rodolfo Bonventti
+55 11 4229-3116
+55 11 9930-0901

Mailing address:
Universidade Metodista de São Paulo
Faculdade de Comunicação – FAC
C/O: Gabriel Rimi / Roberta Viegas
Rua do Sacramento, 230 – B. Rudge Ramos
São Bernardo do Campo – São Paulo – Brasil
CEP: 09640-000
Telefone: + 55 11 4366-5980


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